2008 Eureka! Anniversary

The 2008 Eureka! Anniversary comprised two one-day sessions, one in the north and one in the south. They were held on May 5 and 6, 2009.  Becky Schreiber and John Shannon conducted both sessions.

The morning activities focused on presentations about projects. Each fellow had 5 minutes to "sell" their project. If used, PowerPoint presentations were to have no more than 20 slides, a la the Pecha Kucha model. All presentations were to include the following:

  • The project goal, stated in terms of impact on the community
  • Activities to achieve that goal
  • How each fellow will evaluate or measure the success or impact of their project

We are providing links to the PowerPoint presentations of those who used PowerPoint, and an audio file of each Fellow's presentation, if available.

May 5:

  • Ann Awakuni, Santa Clara Video Outreach - PPT - MP3
  • Sandy Briggs, Woodland Public Library: Staffing for a Community-Centered Library - PPT - MP3
  • Cen Campbell, Teen Services that Rock - PPT - MP3
  • Sabah Eltareb, The Perfect Storm - MP3
  • Mark Hall & Martha Arroyo-Neves, San Francisco Public Library Partnerships Project - PPT - MP3
  • Renee Hayes, Boomers and Bloggers @ the San Anselmo LIbrary - PPT - MP3
  • Juli Huston, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: A Collaborative Journey - PPT - MP3
  • Seng Lovan, Revving up for RFID in Contra Costa County Library - PPT - MP3
  • Angie Miraflor, Survey and analysis of San José teens - PPT - MP3
  • Suzy Murray, Book Buddies: Library Partners Working Together - PPT - MP3
  • KimNhung Nguyen, Latino Cultural Series: Outreach to Latino Community - PPT - MP3
  • Saralyn Otter, Bilingual Library Services: Providing Spanish language services cuando no se habla español - PPT - MP3
  • Chris Ricker, Monterey County Residents Get a State-of-the-Art Library Catalog - PPT
  • Kathleen Smith & Kelley Worman, People First! FCPL Gets High Marks for Extraordinary Customer Care - PPT - MP3
  • Barbara Telford-Ishida, BOSS: Business Owners Skill Series - PPT - MP3
  • Elliott Warren, Transformation of materials selection process - PPT - MP3

May 6:

  • Jennifer Addington & Eve Wittenmyer, Culture Quake: Shifting Library Service Priorities - PPT - MP3
  • Thea Blair, Enhancing Information Access For the Visually Impaired - PPT - MP3
  • Susan Broman, Moving Adult Services Forward - MP3
  • Polly Cipparrone, SDCL Future is Now Wiki: Guiding Staff Towards Our New Vision - PPT - MP3
  • Cheryl Eberly, Circle of Mentoring: Teens Building Bridges to Success! - MP3
  • Genesis Hansen, Customer Input for Better Website Design, or...It's all about the customer - PPT - MP3
  • Robin Isicson, Words Gone Wild - PPT - MP3
  • Jeannie Kays, Training as a Foundation for Success - PPT - MP3
  • Irma Morales, Shades of Orange: El Modena Barrio - PPT - MP3
  • Patricia Rivera, Library Lures Latinos: A Latino Outreach Project - PPT - MP3
  • Andrea Taylor, One City One Source: Fullerton Public Library - PPT
  • Amanda Schukle, Get More Bang for Your Buck - PPT - MP3
  • Cara Vera, R U Healthy RC? - PPT - MP3
  • Christina Wainwright, Programming for Long Term Value - PPT - MP3