2012 Eureka! Anniversary

The 2012 Eureka! Anniversary took place Sep 23-24, 2013 at the Dolce Hayes Mansion in San Jose. Becky Schreiber and John Shannon facilitated the event.

Each Fellow had 5 minutes to "sell" their project. Included on this page are a PDF and an MP3 recording of each Fellow's presentation.

Monday, September 23, 2013

10:10am Margaret Hatanaka, Angelica Trummell: Portal to the Future - pdf - mp3

10:20am Chelsie Harris: Listen In: San Diego Stories - pdf - mp3

10:30am Heather Cousin: The Phoenix Project: Preserving Moorpark History - pdf - mp3

10:40am Joanna Axelrod: Pop Up Podcast: Sharing Stories of Escondido Teens - pdf - mp3

10:50am Allison Tran: Write On! Blogging with Teens at the Mission Viejo Library - pdf - mp3

11:00am Dana Christy, Rachel Wolf: Yolo County Nonprofit Leaders Alliance - pdf - mp3

11:10am Nancy Andrus: Learning Together: Workshops and Resources for Parents and their Grade-Schoolers - pdf - mp3

11:20am Brad McCulley: Living History Project: The Burlingame Historical Society - pdf - mp3

11:30am Jack Baur: Berkeley Comic Arts Festival - pdf - mp3

11:40am Dolly Goyal: The Wellness Stop for Teens - pdf - mp3

11:50am Dolly Moehrle: Lawyers at the Library - pdf - mp3

Lunch 12:00pm-1:00pm

1:00pm Jennifer Love: Foto East LA - pdf - mp3

1:10pm Kelly Tyler: Helping the Helpers: Facilitating Nonprofit Conversations - pdf - mp3

1:20pm Courtney Saldana: Life Skills for Teen Moms - pdf - mp3

1:30pm Jill Harris: Middle School Lounge - pdf - mp3

1:40pm Yemila Alvarez, Lyn Davidson: Library POSTS: Library Pop-up Outreach Structures for Tenderloin Services - pdf - mp3

1:50pm Sophie Bruno: Building a Bridge: Library Services for Latinos in Placer County - pdf - mp3

2:00pm Clio Hathaway: Teen Empowerment Program - pdf - mp3

2:10pm Erwin Magbanua: Get Job Ready! Employment Help for Young Adults - pdf - mp3

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

9:00am Chase McMunn: Topanga Digital History - pdf - mp3

9:10am Jen Robinson: Let the children decideā€¦ Building Kid-centric Collections - pdf - mp3

9:20am Jessica Goodman: Creating Connections: Teens & Seniors Connect Through Technology - pdf - mp3

9:30am Diane Cowen: SoundSwell: Local Music Project - pdf - mp3

9:40am Jeffrey Sichaleune: WeHo Legal Literacy - pdf - mp3

9:50am Shauna Redmond: Latino Heritage: Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley - pdf - mp3

10:00am Lisa Brock: Life Skills for Teens - pdf - mp3

10:10am Tracey Lilyquist: Play It Froward - pdf - mp3