2009 Eureka! Leadership Institute

Eureka Class of 2009The Eureka! Leadership Institute is an intensive week-long leadership training event. The mission of the Eureka! Leadership Institute is to develop future leaders for California libraries and for the library profession, to help California library staff become leaders in the communities they serve, and to promote the profession as a force for positive change in society.

The 2009 Eureka! Leadership Institute was held October 14-19, 2009, at the Dolce Hayes Mansion in San Jose.

The 2009 Eureka! Leadership Institute fellows were:

  • Susan Baier, Santa Clara City
  • Jenne Bergstrom, San Diego County
  • Martha Camacho, Pasadena
  • Crista Cannariato, Yolo County
  • Mara Cota, Newport Beach
  • Jenny Davis, Redwood City
  • Jamie Finley, Roseville
  • Angelica Guerrero Fortin, San Diego County
  • Amanda Jacobs Foust, Marin County
  • Carey Gross, Butte County
  • Brian Guenther, Fresno
  • Heather Hart, Newport Beach
  • Lia Hernandez, Huntington Beach
  • Pui-Ching Ho, LA County
  • Kayre Hood, Rancho Cucamonga
  • Yuri Kenney, LA County
  • Diane Lai, San Jose
  • Jennifer Lawson, San Diego County
  • Katherine Loeser, Glendale
  • Amparo Madera, San Diego County
  • Karen (Casey) Marcarello, Rancho Cucamonga
  • Kathy Middleton, Contra Costa County
  • Katharine Miller, Eldorado County
  • Kaye Moore, San Jose
  • Petra Morris, Pasadena
  • Shawna Sherman, Hayward
  • Hala Shonouda, Glendale
  • Kristine Tardiff, San Luis Obispo
  • Lyda Truick, Glendale
  • Jessica Ulrich, Roseville
  • Thomas Vose, Riverside County
  • Wen Wen Zhang, LA County

The 2009 Eureka! Leadership Institute facilitators were Becky Schreiber and John Shannon.

The 2009 Eureka! Leadership Institute mentors were: Stacey Aldrich, State Library; Kathy Gould, Palos Verdes; Gail McPartland, Contra Costa County; George Needham, OCLC/Library Consultant; Jan Sanders, Pasadena; Joan Frye Williams, Consultant; Derek Wolfgram, Santa Clara County; Karen Bosch Cobb, Fresno County; Valerie Maginnis, Mission Viejo.

The 2009 Institute had two speakers. The keynote speaker was Mary Catherine Bateson. Mary Catherine Bateson is a writer and cultural anthropologist who divides her time between New Hampshire and Massachusetts. She has written and co-authored many books and articles, lectures across the country and abroad, and is president of the Institute for Intercultural Studies in New York City. She is also the daughter of anthropologist Margaret Mead.

The closing speaker was Richard Rodriguez. Richard Rodriguez is an American writer who became famous for his book, Hunger of Memory: The Education of Richard Rodriguez, a narrative about his development as a literate, American student. It offers readers a glimpse of his journey through California's education system as a Latino student of working-class, immigrant parents.