2014 Eureka! FellowsThe 2014 Eureka! Leadership Institute was held March 19-24, 2014, in San Jose.

Previous Eureka! Leadership Institutes, held in 2008 – 2012, have been judged by all involved – the participants, mentors, Institute facilitators, and sponsoring agencies – to be a resounding success. In 2013, a nationally recognized team of evaluators studied the Eureka! Leadership Program and documented its strong positive impact on participants, their libraries, and their communities.

Upcoming event dates for 2014 Eureka Fellows: Jun 8-9, 2015 - Eureka! Anniversary. This events will take place at the Dolce hayes Mansion in San Jose.

The 2014 Eureka! Leadership Institute Fellows are:

  • Adina Aguirre, Alameda County Library
  • Kimberli Buckley, San Pablo Library
  • Erin Christmas, Santa Clarita P.L.
  • Evan Coates, Torrance P.L.
  • Jennifer Driscoll, Pasadena P.L.
  • Amy Dunning, San Jose P.L.
  • Joanna Fabicon, Los Angeles P.L.
  • Heather Firchow, Torrance P.L.
  • Mark A. Flowers, Solano County Library
  • Rebecca Forth, Sonoma County Library
  • Amanda Foulk, Sacramento P.L., Colonial Heights Branch
  • Diana Garcia, Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library
  • Matthew Gill, County of LA, Castaic Library
  • Amanda Grombly, Tulare County Library
  • Lisa Lindsay, Fresno County P.L., Central
  • Bryce Lovell, Napa County Library
  • Susan Maldonado, Oakland P.L.
  • Juliene Malecot, Corona P.L.
  • Angel Nicolas Jr., Florence Library
  • Jennifer Noble, Los Angeles P.L., Will & Ariel Durant Branch
  • Fumiko Osada, San Diego County, El Cajon Branch
  • Lessa Pelayo-Lozada, Glendale Library
  • Michael Perry, Siskiyou County Library
  • Cosette Ratliff, Alameda Free Library
  • Brenna Ring, San Diego County Library., Rancho San Diego
  • Sara Roberts, E.P. Foster Library
  • Sarah Spindle, Contra Costa County--Walnut Creek Library
  • Derek Stalcup, Simi Valley P.L.
  • Marie Town, Oceanside P.L.
  • Sherry Wade, Southwest Branch Library
  • Christiane, Warburton County of Los Angeles P.L.
  • Laura Whaley, Santa Cruz P.L.

The 2014 Eureka! Leadership Mentors are:

  • Jose Aponte
  • Kathy Gould
  • Danis Kreimeier
  • Michelle Perera
  • Margaret Todd
  • Joan Frye Williams
  • Derek Wolfgram
  • Patty Wong

For 2014 Mentor bios, see this page.

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