Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Eureka! but Were Afraid to Ask

Tuesday, February 4, 2014
12 Noon Pacific

Webinar Presenters: Holly Hinman and Mary Ann Laun

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Congratulations! If you are reading this announcement, you have either been accepted into the 2014 Eureka! Leadership Institute/Program, or you have someone on your staff who has been accepted. The purpose of this webinar is to make sure that everyone has the necessary background information about the Institute/Program and to answer any questions and address any concerns you might have.

During the webinar, we will cover:

  • Preparation for the Institute
  • Institute logistics
  • Mentors and mentoring
  • Other Eureka! Leadership Program components
  • Project selection and design, the application process and review
  • The role of the LSTA grant monitors

If you already have an idea for a project, please be prepared to share it in the chat function.

At the end of the hour, you will be able to:

  • Describe the various components and logistics of the Eureka! Leadership Program including individual responsibilities and commitments
  • Identify the tasks that have to be completed before the 2014 Eureka! Institute
  • Identify the components of a good Eureka! project
  • Review? Understand the kinds of projects that are not suitable for Eureka!
  • Understand the role of the LSTA grant monitor in relation to Eureka! projects

This webinar is required for 2014 Eureka! Leadership Institute participants. Their supervisor and library directors are encouraged to attend.

Presentation Material

Speaker's slides
pdf (Full slide) [1.5mb]
pdf (3 slides per page) [521kb]
Project Design Template 2014: docx [14kb]