Community Assessment for Eurekans

Date: Friday, February 21, 2014
Time: 12 Noon Pacific

Webinar Presenters: Cindy Mediavilla

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Librarians are brilliant at providing services, but they tend to be less brilliant at assessing and justifying the need for such services. Before developing any new service or program, the library must decipher whether its community needs or is even interested in the new service. This process is called “community assessment:” the structured, planned and formal study that identifies the information needs and interests of the library’s target population. Community assessment is the essential first step in planning any new library program and is absolutely critical to writing successful grant proposals.

In this one-hour webinar, participants will learn to plan and carryout an effective community assessment, including how to conduct environmental scans, qualitative observations, key informant interviews, surveys, and focus groups. Participants will also learn how to present effective needs statements as part of their grant proposal. Sample data-gathering instruments and real-life grant needs statements will be provided.

At the end of this one-hour webinar, participants will:

  • Understand the importance of assessing the community’s needs and interests before writing a grant proposal.
  • Use the appropriate methods for gathering relevant community information.
  • Present effective needs statements on a grant proposal.

This webinar is a requirement for all Eureka! Leadership Institute participants.

Presentation Material

Speaker's slides
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pdf (Full slide) [608kb]
pdf (3 slides per page) [284kb]
LA50 Sample Key Informant Interview: pdf [32kb]
Needs Statement Sample (2001): docx [138kb] - pdf [73kb]
Needs Statement Sample (2013): docx [133kb] - pdf [69kb]
TLA50 Environmental Scan Worksheet External: doc [102kb] - pdf [82kb]
TLA50 Environmental Scan Worksheet Internal: doc [105kb] - pdf [95kb]
TLA50 Sample Focus Group Protocol: doc [29kb] - pdf [46kb]
TLA50 Sample Key Informant Interview: doc [26kb] - pdf [28kb]
TLA50 Sample Survey Instrument: doc [41kb] - pdf [30kb]